Monday, January 10, 2011

How to Choose Lingerie Gifts…With Care!

Lingerie is traditionally a popular choice for men seeking a gift for their wives, girlfriends, or indeed any other “lady friend”. Unfortunately, the buying process often takes place at stressful times of the year, for example Christmas Eve. Such a last minute purchase can easily be fraught with potential landmines and if the man is not careful, a serious error of judgment might be made. If that does happen, what was intended as a gift of love and affection can rapidly turn into grounds for divorce!

The problem men fail to understand is this: the type of lingerie that women like to wear is not always necessarily what men want to see them wearing. Women tend to prefer lingerie that makes them feel sexy, seductive, and above all, feminine, and although there are days when they might feel tired and unattractive on the outside, the moment they put a pretty bra ensemble on, their mood is instantly lifted.

But lingerie is a very personal choice. Some women are happy to wear items that are designed purely for bedroom entertainment, whereas another woman would have a heart attack at the very thought of a peephole bra and suspenders. So please note: it is very important that you know your lady friend well enough and are able to accurately judge what she would be comfortable in. If you push the boundaries too far, she might not speak to you for weeks, or even—heaven forbid—months.
Fabric is important, too. Sub-standard lingerie is invariably manufactured from cheap, scratchy fabric. It might look sexy to you, but if your wife tries your new gift on and it causes a nasty rash within minutes, you can guarantee that the slinky black lace basque you fantasized over for weeks will never see the light of day again.

Another important consideration is bra size. Men are notoriously terrible at judging bra size. If you get this wrong, you will be a dead man. It doesn’t take a genius to check her existing bras before you go shopping. So check!

Last, but not least. If you are in the enviable position of having more than one lady friend in your life, do not commit the cardinal sin of buying two sets of lingerie as a gift: a sexy, provocative, naughty nurse outfit for your mistress, and another, far more demure, neck-to-ankle flannelet nightgown for your wife, and then inadvertently mix the boxes up…